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I believe that any doll can look amazing, yes there are dolls from certain companies that look horrible on the sight but I’m a firm believer that if you give a doll a decent wig a good faceup and spend time on their clothing that any doll can look amazing, but that being said it does bother me when people just buy cheap wigs and dont bother to make the doll look decent, but its their doll and there is no reason for me to get all butt hurt about it.

     Image by Jenink

I agree!

Some people think that the mold of the doll is the most important. It is not! It doesn’t matter if it’s a popular Volks mold or a Bobobie. What really call people’s attention is how they are customized!

And it doesn’t mean the doll has to be the most different one. It’s just as said above, it has to have a decent wig, nicely chosen clothes, a good faceup (this can do miracles!) and usually, nice photos also helps a lot!

If the person do a nice work on these aspects, they can make any doll look good!!!!


Confession: I’ve owned dolls from several companies. In the end I found that Volks makes the best doll. (In my opinion.) The resin feels nice, the posing is great and looks natural, and the dolls have soul to them. These are legitimate reasons that I prefer this one company. I just wish people wouldn’t assume people like me are elitist.

Image: VOLKS


Confession: My doll isn’t the sum of what company it came from, whether it’s a recast or a bobobie or a volks, my doll is the love and time I’ve put into it.

Image: Tetrismede


Confession: It bothers me that so many people in this hobby who give their dolls characters and role-play with those characters are so intensely involved in their dolls’ “lives.” It can’t be healthy to be so wrapped up in the imaginary things that happen to an imaginary character that it influences your real-life emotions.

Image: Fairyland


Submission: Acrylic Eyes = All my hate.

Image Credit: ~LoReLei~ on Flickr 

I do not hate acrylic eyes. I used them for many years. But now I just prefere eyes that capture more light, like glass eyes and others.


Submission: I’m tired of hearing snide comments from Bobobie owners on how elitist people are if they have gorgeous dolls. Owning a quality outfit, faceup, or even just having a Volks doll automatically brings on the hate. I never hear of people bashing on Chinese dolls, but I hear a lot of bashing on Volks or other high end dolls! Sounds like the pot is calling the kettle black!

Image Credit: Anelgy on Flickr. 


Submission: It sometimes annoys me how “Yaoi” tends over run the hobby. I have my own gay boys, but my strait boys would like some love too, and not just to be ignored in a corner because they won’t hit on your doll. :/

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